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ScienTech Medical was awarded the second prize of the National Technological Innovation Award


On June 24th, the results of 2023 National Science and Technology Awards were announced in Beijing, which contains total 250 awards. There are 49 National Natural Science Awards, 62 National Technological Innovation Awards and 139 National Science and Technology Progress Awards.

The project "Establishment and Promotion of Ultrasound-Guided Cardiac Interventional Therapy Technology and Product System at Home and Aboard", jointly completed by Shanghai Shape Memory Alloy Co., Ltd. (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lepu ScienTech Medical Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as "Lepu ScienTech Medical"), was awarded the second prize of the National Technological Innovation Award in 2023.



The National Science and Technology Award is established by the State Council of PRC as the top annual award in Chinese science and technology field. It is the top praise and reward of individuals, organizations, which is based on their scientific research and innovative achievements that have made outstanding contributions in the process of scientific and technological progress and economic and social development. 

The second prize of the "the National Technological Innovation Award" is the second national award obtained by Lepu ScienTech Medical in the field of medical device R&D for structural heart disease after the second prize of the "National Award for Scientific and Technological Progress", which not only demonstrates the company's powerful R&D capability and innovation ability, but also increases our team's confidence in continuous innovation and advanced R&D, and further strengthens Lepu ScienTch Medical's determination to eliminate more  technical bottlenecks in Chinses heart disease field.




As a leader in Chinese cardiac interventional therapy medical device industry and the pioneer in global degradable era of interventional therapy for structural heart disease, Lepu ScienTech Medical has always been committed to the research and innovation of interventional medical devices in the field of structural heart disease. Our R&D team never forget original intention, is determined to forge ahead, and has been deeply involved in the field of structural heart disease for a long time. We continue to adhere to the principle of original and innovative technology in China and have successfully launched a series of high-quality and safety occluders through continuous technological breakthroughs. We have also taken the lead in applying biodegradable technology to the field of structural heart disease, and achieved the transformation of multiple innovative invention results, which served clinical practice, and provided more safe and effective solutions for doctors and patients in China and even globally. 

In addition, Lepu ScienTech Medical also leads and undertakes two key national research and development projects during the 14th Five-year Plan, namely “the research and development of biodegradable occluder for cardiogenic stroke prevention and treatment”, and “the research and development transformation of new technologies for interventional diagnosis and treatment of structural heart disease through catheterization, as well as the construction of a precise diagnosis and treatment system”. We also focus on independent innovation and intellectual property protection. Until now, we have 234 registered intellectual property rights.

In the future, Lepu ScienTech Medical will continue to invest in research and development, independent innovation, strengthen the construction of core technology platforms and independent intellectual property management systems. We will continuously promote the expansion and application of core degradable technologies and the transformation of innovative invention achievements, which can provide leading and reliable products and services for patients and doctors in China and even the world, so as to contribute to the cause of human health.



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