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PFO Occluder 


Product Introduction

Used for the treatment of patent foramen ovale.

Product Features

Patented locking design provides stable support on the disc surface. (Patent No. 2022103486919)

Patented riveting design, the plug can be securely clamped. (Patent No. 2020203199179)

The disc surface of the occluder stably clasps the septum, forming effective occlusion.

Three layer flow blocking membrane, instantly blocking blood flow.

Using biodegradable materials, effective degradation and controlled release can be achieved within about 12 months, achieving effective occlusion and autologous tissue reconstruction.

Product model and specifications

BDPFO 1218-3434

Registration certificate number

National Machinery Registration No. 20233131307
Product Name
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Implant Card
MemoPart®  PFO Occluder
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