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LAA Closure Occluder I

Medical device registration certificate No.: GXZZ 20203130560


Used to block LAA to prevent the formation and breaking off of thrombus, thereby preventing thromboembolism. Applicable to the prevention of strokes in patients with non-valvular atrial fibrillation who suffer from long-term anticoagulation contraindications or high bleeding risks and are thus not suitable for long-term anticoagulation.


The inner plug design ensures that each occluder is embedded into the LAA and does not affect the surrounding tissues after implantation.

The self-expandable nitinol frame is designed with favorable adaptability to suit most of the LAA ostium.

One-piece cutting technique serve to ensure firm implantation in the LAA after release.

Models & Specifications

LAFDQ 20-32

Registration Certificate No.

GXZZ 20203130560
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