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OCC2021|MemoLefort LAA Closure Seminar a Success in Shanghai


On May 28, 2021, MemoLefort LAA Closure Seminar was successfully convened during the commensurate period of the 15th Oriental Cardiology Conference (OCC 2021). Many domestic clinical experts in related fields were invited to attend the seminar and engaged in sharing and discussion regarding clinical application experience of LAA closure technology and clinical trial results and clinical application of domestic MemoLefort LAA closure occulder I.



This seminar invited Professor Huang Congxin from Wuhan University People’s Hospital, Professor Fang Weiyi, Dean of Hefei High-tech Cardiovascular Hospital under Lepu Medical, Professor Zhao Xianxian from Changhai Hospital Affiliated to Naval Military Medical University, and Professor Zhou Daxin from Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University as chairmen. Professor Huang He from the People's Hospital of Wuhan University, Professor Ning Zhongping from Zhoupu Hospital of Shanghai Pudong New Area, and Professor Xu Yawei from the Tenth People's Hospital of Tongji University all delivered wonderful keynote speeches. (In sequence of lectures given)


Wonderful Speeches



Professor Huang He: LAA and atrial fibrillation stroke——Anatomy and Pathophysiological Mechanism


Professor Huang He from the People's Hospital of Wuhan University, a domestic noted expert in the field of electrophysiology, shared his pertaining experience mainly from formation mechanism of LAA and atrial fibrillation stroke thrombosis. He presented that LAA was the most common part of thrombosis in patients with non-valvular atrial fibrillation, a fact testified by ample clinical studies. Changes in structure and function of LAA including increased volume and opening, decreased flow rate, shortened emptying and filling time and so on all form pathophysiological basis of thrombosis. Also, shape of LAA is correlated with formation of thrombus, which may become a new indicator for stroke prediction in patients with atrial fibrillation.


Moreover, he also shared two cases of MemoLefort LAA, and indicated that in the process of clinical application, MemoLefort could safely and effectively help patients with non-valvular atrial fibrillation prevent stroke. Follow-up visit showed positive results as patients got obvious benefits.



 Professor Ning Zhongping: Identification and Treatment of Common LAAC Complications and Experience Sharing on MemoLefort Application


Professor Ning Zhongping from Zhoupu Hospital, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, one of the experts with ample experience in LAA closure in China, mainly shared his experience in identifying and treating of common complications of LAA closure, and his feeling and experience of applying MemoLefort to complete LAA closure.


Professor Ning Zhongping emphasized that operation of LAA closure was relatively simple and safe, but strict monitoring was still needed to prevent complications. Intraoperative complications mainly cover "pericardial effusion/tamponade, air embolism, catheter thrombosis", and postoperative complications mainly cover "instrument thrombosis, instrument embolism, vascular complications" and such. Treatment of complications should follow the principle of ‘prevention prevailing, early detection and early treatment’ to minimizes incurring damage. In prevention and treatment of complications, attitude decides all and details lead to success or otherwise. Most complications can be prevented through adequate evaluation before and after surgery, standardized operations, and adequate anticoagulation.


He concluded by sharing a clinical case of MemoLefort closure. Professor Ning Zhongping indicated that MemoLefort, first occluder with a plug design, showed sound operability and could match imported apparatus in immediate blocking effect.



Professor Xu Yawei: Clinical Experience and Operational Skills of MemoLefort LAA Closure


Shanghai Tenth People's Hospital is a center with most cases in clinical trials before MemoLefort was launched to the market. Professor Xu Yawei, its main researcher, shared his experience of MemoLefort clinical application and operating skills. Professor Xu Yawei indicated that the LAA closure rate one year after MemoLefort LAA closure operation stayed at 97.6%, and ischemic stroke rate one year after surgery was 0%. Its overall performance can match that of similar products, indicating its high safety and effectiveness.


Moreover, Professor Xu Yawei elaborated key points in operation of LAA closure which covered anesthesia, atrial puncture, intraoperative anticoagulation, atrial fibrillation ablation sequence, LAA angiography, occluder selection, implantation and evaluation, postoperative resistance coagulation, prevention of esophageal damage, control of heart rhythm and treatments of atrial fibrillation and treatment of other diseases. He indicated that as a typical occluder with a plug design, MemoLefort showed a short learning curve, was convenient in operation and demonstrated sound overall experience.

Comments and Summary



In this MemoLefort LAA Closure seminar, Professor Huang Congxin extended his best wishes for success of the conference and of promotion of MemoLefort’s clinical application in China. Professor Fang Weiyi, Professor Zhao Xianxian, and Professor Zhou Daxin gave detailed comments on speeches shared by experts during their hosting process. To conclude, Professor Fang Youyi made a summary of the meeting on behalf of experts.



Professor Fang Youyi indicated that at present, LAA closure had turned into one of the main methods for preventing thromboembolism in patients suffering atrial fibrillation. This technology is advancing speedily in China, but in clinical application,  attention should be attached to related complications. We should be standardized and regulated in operation and treat all details with more demanding standards and minimize complications. As a high-rated domestic occluder, MemoLefort performs well in clinical application, and its safety, effectiveness and operability can match those of imported products. It is hoped that MemoLefort can help more patients with atrial fibrillation stay away from risks of stroke and and propel advancement of atrial fibrillation stroke prevention and treatment in China.


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